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Bambus draws inspiration from the traditions and food culture of Southeast Asia. We focus on quality and freshness and therefore all ingredients are specially selected; vegetables, meat and fish. To complete this unique flavor of Southeast Asia, all sauces and condiments are prepared from foundation in our own kitchen. Bambus combines a great environment, excellent food and service that makes the experience our guests unforgettable.

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Peking Duck - signature dish from Bambus restaurant!

Finally the popular crispy Peking - Duck has arrived to Iceland. The ducks named after the Chinese capital Beijing are probably the most famous dish from Chinese cuisine. Peking - Duck dish offers a new and unique dining experience for all the foodies.

The key to a successful Peking duck is not just how to cook it, but it is important that the skin is crispy. Our master chef in Bambus is preparing each duck according to the rule of the original recipe with a long and complicated process and then using a special customized oven with which the duck is cooked until it takes on a beautiful dark brown color and the skin becomes crispy.

When the duck is fully cooked, it takes on the next level, no less important. The duck is cut down with thin, crispy and crusty, shredded meat for the guests. Crispy skin, juicy and tender meat with our house special dipping sauce, served together with thinly sliced leeks and cucumbers wrap, makes our Peking duck recipe a perfect dish for all your senses. As one of our signature dishes, it is well-received by all the foodies in our restaurant.


You do not want to miss out on this delicious dish.

Promotional offer

Whole duck ISK 12,990

Half duck ISK 6,990

(served with pancakes, cucumber and leek along with a special Peking duck sauce)




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